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I'm a Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence student at Southampton University, with a strong background in programming, mobile development and game development. You can see my released projects by following the links above.

I've been coding since around 2010 and releasing projects to the public since around 2012, more recently focusing on mobile development with Unity.

So you want to hire me for ...

Web Development

I've developed web applications in Django and with TomCat, RabbitMQ, REST, xAPI, Docker and other tools in a professional capacity, developing;

  • End to end data processing for IT-Innovation's ProsocialLearn web platform
  • Webgame integration with ATOS's game management platform
  • Bespoke website for Southampton University as part of a research project

Application Development

I have a strong background in application development including;

  • Android applications for safeguarding at risk youth in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth and the Department of Education
  • Automated traffic monitoring demonstrator software as part of a research drive with a national security firm


I've worked with IT Innovation to develop CD/CI solutions for various services using tools like GitLab, Docker, Vagrant, Ansible and Jenkins for international products and services.

Game Development

I've developed 9 complete games and helped work on many other projects, for PC, web and Android. I have experience with Unity and Android Studio. Make sure to check out my projects page!

UX/UI Design

I have designed UX and UI that has been used in the following; Department of Education android apps for vulnerable youth, Game interface for LittleWarGame, Axe of Kings and Sun&Sky on GooglePlay and I'm actively working for IT Innovation to design their web dashboard.

Any questions can be directed to [email protected] as to employment prospects or further contact points.

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