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Dev Diary #8 - Pikes, Greathammers & Bosses

Posted by Rowan Powell on February 2, 2014 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

This week I've added six new pikes, weapons that give you a little bit more reach over the typical weapons as well as extending the range of the bows. There are also a few greathammers to be found, which make you slightly slower, but offer the ability to stun enemies, stopping them from attacking or moving for a while. You can also find a resonance orb which will improve your stun chance by 10%

This week also features a new boss; Yomi, plauge of the hills, who creates new fungal spores to attack you, though the boss itself is largely defenceless.

I've improved the UI for the inventory so that it should be more easily useable, and help tips have been added to most transition windows.

DevDiary #6 - oooh, burn!

Posted by Rowan Powell on November 23, 2013 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (0)

This week i've been adding to, and polishing up, many parts of the game, such as a fancy new title screen, better looking health UI and a small mound of extra items!

In previous builds, the GhastlyChains could be found, and while they offered early-game protection, they did have drawbacks, which is the idea of Ghastly/Haunted items. Now though, along with the introduction of some more Ghastly items, you can find the protective bracer! This item protects you from any harmful downsides to wearing haunted gear, though it does take up a slot of it's own.

A new mechanic that's been added is the Burn mechanic, or more accurately burn damage. The idea between burn damage is that you do damage over time, which fades off over time. Burn damage stacks however, so running with lots of burn damage in your attacks, such as using the new FireAmulet, will allow you to really maximise the damage you can do!

Dungeons now behave differently, with later dungeons spawning Dirks, Snakes and Scorpions a lot more frequently, but on the upside, they now also drop better loot too! I'm planning to do a lot of work with tilesets to get them all feeling a bit different, rather than exploring the same dungeon each time.

One of the biggest visual changes in this update however is the new healthUI, which has changed from the old system of health bars and text, to a hearts system, so it should be really quick to see who's got how much health, as well as looking much nicer too!

Dev Diary #5 - Out there be monsters!

Posted by Rowan Powell on November 17, 2013 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This week I've really polished up the content we allready have, getting it together to the point where we've nearly hit our core targets (!).

One of the things that's been added this week is the ability for me to easily add ranged units, and have them attempt to always be at their maximum range away from you, yet still be in range to do damage, resulting in the Snake as a new enemy! The snake is only going to appear in the later dungeons right now, but should be a fearsome opponent.

I've also added the ability for enemies to go into an "Enraged" state, with multilple levels, boosting attack as it becomes more enraged. To demonstrate this I added the "Dirk", a creature that has low HP and starts with just 1 attack, but as it becomes more enraged (50% chance to go up a state each turn) it's attack can climb to 3! Which makes going toe to toe with it quite daunting!

And to compliment these high-HP units, I've added the "Bat", a low HP but fast moving creature that hits for a respectable 2 damage.

The slimes have also had their share of animating.

I've polished up the damage numbers, so instead of plain text, actual art assets now appear.

Various other assets have been improved and everything's getting close to being done for the core game! Soon I'll start working on adding fun things like big piles of items, enemies and other such things!

dev Diary #4 - Exploring the dark

Posted by Rowan Powell on November 9, 2013 at 3:55 AM Comments comments (0)

This week I took a look at the dungeon exploration mechanic.

The previous system had a whole bunch of issues, it wasn't interesting, interactive or making good use of the UI space available. not good.

So I redesigned the dungeonwalk system and after some discussion we settled on a system that needs some refining but works a lot better. Instead of the bar at the top of the screen, I'm now using a set of tiles, similar to the way I do for the encounters, and let the players manually wander through the dungeon, chasing loot & avoiding monsters! This system feels a lot better to play, though needs some refining as monsters tend to leap at you unexpectedly, which tends to put a dent on the feeling of choice & controll this new system gives the player.

In other news, lots of art improvements this week!

Dev Diary #3 - Marching on

Posted by Rowan Powell on November 2, 2013 at 7:10 AM Comments comments (0)

This week's been a hard one for game development. I've struggled with mustering up motivation and enthusiasm, but I have managed to get some work done, though it's not as much as I'd like.

This week has mostly been polishing up the UI that's allready in place, animating elements and updating the art,

I've been adding enemy sprites and starting to add weapons of various strengths, to drop as loot during the dungeons.

The inventory screen has has a bit of an update, making it more interesting as well as making it more clear as to what it is. It still needs a lot of work, but it works well as a placeholder.

Dev Diary #2 - Combat System

Posted by Rowan Powell on October 25, 2013 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Tom's at comicon this week and thoroughly enjoying himself!

So I'll take this week as an oppertunity to focus on the combat system in particular.

This week's build is still very much in progress, but can be found here:

This week I've put in a new unit, the spider, just to test that the system can handle running lots of unit types with just code like AddUnit(UnitType.Spider) and fixed a bug with unitmovement, where they wouldn't step on dead bodies (Whoops!)

I've also coded in the inventory system; you can now equip and unequip items using "E" and the attack stats from weapons equipped comes into effect!

I've also re-balanced the way the damage calculations work, previously I used a slightly complicated formula (Atk*Atk/(Atk+Def)) which had some serious problems with higher defence values, making you practically god like after about 5 defence points and just one typically cut big chunks out of the incoming damage. not good.

The new system is cleaner and has some interesting nuances that've come out of it. I'm now using (Atk - 0.5*Def), provided the resultant damage is over 0. Now I know this has the issue that sometimes a defence point has no effect (1Defence cuts 1 Damage off (Rounded up) and so does 2Defence!) but it has some interesting oppertunities, enemies that cut through armour can essentially be taken for free for a turn and spells or potions that have effects like "+3Defence" or "Defence Doubles" suddenly have an interesting oppertunity to take advange of that extra defence point.

No pretty pictures this week, but lots of sketching has been done, so next week should hopefully be full of them!

Dev Diary #1 - From the ground up

Posted by Rowan Powell on October 18, 2013 at 12:10 PM Comments comments (0)

So I've been hard at work this week putting together lots of systems that should make developing the rest of the game much easier.

The main things that've been built this week are the battle systems, setting it up so it'll automatically handle any number of units I throw at it (Hopefully!), they'll walk around and attack the player, the battle can be won, that sort of thing. Sadly it's missing all that lovely UI and feedback systems that make it useable, so no playable build this week, but hopefully there should be one next week!

In other news; the RealTimeStrategyGeneticAlgorithm has made some progress as I've managed to track down and kill a few bugs, lots more to do on it though.

I did manage to get a few items drawn however, so you can at least enjoy these;

The Dragon's Lair

Posted by Rowan Powell on October 15, 2013 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

This is designed to be a more casual game , with the focus being on everything being easy to follow and use; lots of choices to be made and yet maintaing a sense of control and agency.

The project's going to be a Tactics RPG and exchanging the leveling progression system for an item-based one instead; choosing what items to use will have a significant impact on play and will allow you to have more control over how you play, as well as avoiding having a player stuck in a role they don't like. Bored of tanking monsters? Play a high-damage archer by changing a few items! Bored of that? Find a bunch of spellbooks and start getting pets to fight for you!

If everything goes well, Dipair will be back with a new story to tell too!