Creating great software, one line at a time

Jobs and Achievements of note

International Research paper on

CyberSecurity - 2016

In late 2016 I wrote a paper with Long Tran-Thanh of Southampton University on "A Game Theoretic Defence Mechanism against Data Poisoning in Smart Traffic Control Systems" which we submitted to the AAAI conference in America.

Committee sitting positions in 2016

In 2015-2016 I was the sitting Games Officer for the Electronics and Computer Science Society at Southampton University and involved in representing our department, running events with 100+ participants and helped manage events key to student-staff engagement.

In 2016 I also launched the D&D Society and am responsible for the logistics and event running for the society.

Research Assistant at Portsmouth - 2015

I have worked alongside the University of Portsmouth to develop new applications for upcoming software and hardware. This role required me to be able to learn new hardware and software rapidly and be able to develop practical applications for these, as well as be able to communicate to my team how they should be used and maintained. I also needed to be able to think creatively about ways to apply these new tools and concepts to the project we were working on.

Campus Tour Guide - 2015 to 2016

I have worked as a campus tour guide where I had to lead a group of visiting students around the campus and be able to talk at length about the various facilities as well as have discussions with the students about their concerns and interests.

Royal Albert Hall painting - 2010

As part of a project to renew the hall, a new set of artwork was commissioned to update the old set of engravings that represented what time was like at the creation of the hall. I was part of the team of artists used to create the new works that would show what the time was like in a more modern setting as well as express the issues and concerns that people of this age had about the future.

As part of this project we also got to visit the hall to see our work hanging in the hallways of the music hall.

Volunteer charity work 2012 - 2013

For eight months I worked for a local charity store as part of their retail team, improving on my communication skills while I was present. I rapidly became one of the most hardworking members of the team, praised by my own manager and visiting senior staff alike for my efforts.

During this role I was responsible for communicating with customers on the available stock and what items might suit them as well as making sales, I was also in charge of maintaining the shop floor and ensuring a high level of quality in the way the brand of the store was presented. Often I also managed incoming stock, sorting it and organizing the storage rooms as we had limited space and needed to efficiently and effectively store as much stock as possible but also make it all highly accessible.

Graphical asset creation for independent game developers

Over the years I have worked with various game developers to create graphical content for their games to varying capacities.

  • Rank badge asset creation for JBGames - Over the course of a few days I created and continually improved a set of rank badges to replace the old assets for the online game LittleWarGame
  • Tile set creation for amateur project - the creation of a platforming tile set over the course of a month as part of a refinement process
  • Asset improvement for amateur project - the systematic improvement of current assets for a project to bring them up to a higher standard more suited for the project

Cyber Security Internship - 2016

For 3 months I worked on a government funded internship at Southampton University to develop new research into a problem of my choosing in the field of Cyber Security and developed a framework that could setup monitoring sessions on sections of road for outliers as well as making comparisons between roads. This system was designed to be highly generalisable and was received extremely well by the business professionals I presented to at the end of my project.

LittleWarGame Community Manager - 2014 to 2016

As of late 2014 I worked for as a promotions and community manager for the game, tailing off in 2016 as development closed down. This means that I take a lot of the responsibility for promoting the game through various media outlets and talking to any journalists who might be interested in covering the game.

I also run one of the two main youtube channels for the game: producing content that helps draw attention to the game, providing tutorials to new players and providing footage of commentated game for high level players to enjoy.

Part of my job is also to moderate the forums and the subreddit, responding to feedback and questions as well as maintaining them from spam and other content.

Lastly, the majority of my time goes into organizing tournaments for the players to compete in for various prizes and ranking among each other. This involves advertising the tournaments and organizing the matches. I also have to moderate any disputes between players, especially when it comes to absences or missed matches. Once the tournament is running I then setup the twitch stream and begin running a commentary on the game and the players, crafting stories and hype around the matches, all of which is then later uploaded to youtube.

Open day greeter - 2015 to 2016

I have worked for the University of Southampton as a greeter and helper for the open days, guiding visitors to seminars and talks as well as escorting groups around the campus. This role involved being highly enthusiastic for a long duration, being able to communicate quickly and effectively and make visitors feel welcome as well as being able to ensure they had all the information they needed for their visit.

Barebones - 2014

For this project, me and some other University students put together a basic interpreter that could read "code" from the command line and interpret it to create running programs. We completed this over the course of a few days and worked together to decide on the sort of features that we wanted our interpreter to have and then take turns putting in new features.

Robot runner GameJam - 2014

Working with the team from the MoonBase project I again took the role of an artist and over a weekend we put together a runner game.

I had to very quickly turn out art for platforms, obstacles and player animations. This was a really big challenge and took us most of the weekend, but I gained invaluable experience working in a team in a high-pressure environment and still managing to turn out the content we needed.

MoonBase project

This was a project between me and some other developers I met online. We worked together to create game design documents and concept art for a game set in a base in outer space.

My responsibility was to craft the world through concept art and designs of the locations, responding to how the team and I felt the aesthetic should develop.

Unfortunately this project didn't pan out into a full game due to the time commitments of members of the team but was a great experience for learning to work as a team and try to merge several people's visions into one core concept.